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Facial Aesthetics in Crowthorne

Looking for Facial Aesthetics Treatment in Crowthorne?

Facial Aesthetics Rejuvenation

There is no obligation first consultation for all patients who are considering treatment. For further information on our full range of services, please ask the Dentist.

 Wrinkle Softening/ Relaxation Treatment

Here at Crowthorne Smiles Dental Practice, we offer wrinkle relaxation treatments using Botulinum and Fillers. All treatments are tailor made for your specific needs and are provided by a trained professional with over 10 years’ experience in the field. Environmental factors like sun exposure, a poor diet, smoking, exaggerated muscle movement, and frowning & squinting, accelerate the process of facial line formation. Wrinkles and lines develop over time and cause us to look older than we feel.

The treatment we all know using botulinum toxin has been well documented in the reduction of these lines.

Static wrinkles are a matter of the skin losing its elasticity and this can be remedied with new advanced procedures such as non-animal based hyaluronic acid fillers. Many of the dermal fillers are bio-stimulants of the body’s own collagen. Dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid which is naturally present in living cells.

Fillers are injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle and have a lasting result of up to 9-12 months and even longer after subsequent treatments.

Botulinum injections can be combined with dermal fillers to optimise and enhance results. We will discuss the option which is best for you. Results with fillers are immediate with the skin showing a new firmness resulting in a healthy, vital appearance. Botulinum takes a little longer with results visible from 2 – 10 days.

What can be treated with Botulinum and Fillers:

  • Wrinkles and facial lines
  • Frown Lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Puckered Chin
  • Neck Folds
  • Excessive Sweating (armpits)

Hyperhidrosis – Excessive Sweating

Crowthorne Smiles Dental Practice provides effective (Botulinum toxin) injections to help reduce excessive sweating. This condition is also known as hyperhidrosis. All treatments are carried out by experienced members of the team. Esmarie Lubbinge or Denis Zenon.

When severe sweating gets in the way of certain daily activities and antiperspirants are not working, you may be a suitable candidate for the Botulinum toxin treatment. The body areas that can commonly experience over active sweat glands are under arms

Botulinum toxin is approved by the FDA to treat the symptoms of severe underarm sweating when medicines used on the skin (topical) do not work well enough. Botulinum toxin is injected into the affected areas to help control this condition by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When the sweat glands do not receive chemical signals, the severe sweating stops.

Chronic Migraine Treatment

Botulinum can be used as a treatment option for certain types of headaches namely chronic migraines. It is thought to work by relaxing overactive muscles.

Headaches can sometimes be due to a grinding/ clenching habit but not always. Headache symptoms need to be assessed first so that the correct treatment options can be suggested for your specific needs. Here at Crowthorne Smiles Dental Practice we provide this service.

Why Choose Us?

  • A dedicated team of experienced dentist & friendly staff
  • Personalised, caring approach in relaxed environment
  • Same day treatment and long appointments available
  • Safeguarding patients and our staff
  • Adhering to code of patient confidentiality
  • Latest techniques and materials
  • Strictly following guidelines for sterilisation of instrument & cross infection control procedures
  • Sympathetic and relaxed treatment approach for nervous patients
  • Providing a clear explanation of your treatment plan following detail consultation regarding your concerns, questions & requirements
  • Strong commitment to continued professional development